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Smish Smash Smish Smash

mish mash mish mash

5/17/05 02:47 pm - picture time!

Thanks guys for coming to my concert! :-)

Pictures for all:

me... head buried in the piano...


after concert w/ cousin Jessica

BBQ! (top: Anita, Kim, Ada; bottom: Lizzy G, Lizzy M, me)
and and....

hair! That I managed to keep for cum laude...
~the baaaaa-ing lamb

4/25/05 04:55 pm

I know nobody really reads this (mainly b/c I haven't really told people I have an lj...) but CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ONLY HAVE 4 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL TILL AP's??? (and for me it's just 3 b/c I'm leaving for BOS Thursday night!)

www.ymf.org/concerts/debut.php <- COME COME COME COME COME!!!

~the "piano prodigy" (haha where did they come up w/ that?)

4/11/05 08:26 pm

So spring break is over. Poop. It was way too short.

So I chose Harvard. Woo hoo! Go Harvard Class of 09! I sent in my reply card. I feel relieved.

I'm hungry. There is a chocolate bunny in front of me. I think I might have to kill it + eat it.

3/30/05 03:18 pm

Lake Louise

after hiking for four hours...we're at the top!

snow world...wheeee!

-monster...*crunch crunch*...-

3/23/05 07:37 pm - BE THERE OR BE SQUARE


I noticed that many people do not have the date. It's me + the YMF National Debut Orchestra at the Wilshire-Ebell Theatre (ew!). I will be performing in Canada (and hopefully in Sacramento this summer) but this is the last scheduled LA performance! Possibly EVER.


Yes...okay...it's "classical" music but please support me! Plus it's free!

3/21/05 11:31 pm - i'm back! :-P

Yes...I AM back. This time my lj will be FRIENDS ONLY. For more frequent and more thorough posts...go to www.xanga.com/c00kiemunster

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